Healthcare Sharing Plans

Healthcare sharing plans are membership-based groups of like-minded individuals who band together to cover each other’s medical bills. This is a growing trend in the US due to the affordability and flexibility available under healthcare sharing plans.

These plans are not considered “health insurance” and therefore are not subject to the same regulations under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For example, there are limitations for pre-existing medical conditions, lifetime maximum benefit limits, and plans may not cover all “essential health benefits” outlined under the ACA.

Over 1 million people in the US use healthcare sharing plans to manage healthcare costs for their family. We have partnered with Aliera Healthcare to offer this healthcare sharing alternative to our clients.

  • Provides preventive care services and copays for outpatient care

  • Up to $1 million lifetime maximums for major medical expenses

  • Uses national PHCS Multiplan network

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