Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

Here's a quick overview about these two types of plans and how they compare. We can help you decide which type of plan best suits your specific needs.







  • Must have Medicare A & B.

  • Applicants may have guaranteed issue rights during certain enrollment periods, otherwise may have to pass a health questionnaire.

  • Must have Medicare A & B.

  • Plans are guaranteed issue as long as you do not have ESRD.

  • Must live in service area 6 months of the year.


  • Premiums for the same plan differs from company to company.

  • Typically more expensive than Medicare Advantage plans.

  • Premiums differ based on unique plan designs from private insurers.

  • Typically less expensive than most Medicare Supplement plans.


  • Plans are standardized and generally don't change.

  • Most popular "Plan F" has no deductible, no copays, and no out-of-pocket limit.

  • Plan F is 100% coverage for Medicare-covered services.

  • Plans can change on an annual basis and members may change plans during Annual Enrollment Period.

  • Plans may have a deductible, copays, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket limits.


  • Most plans cover any provider in the USA who accepts Original Medicare.

  • Referrals to access specialists are typically not required.

  • Foreign travel ER coverage limited to $50,000 per lifetime.

  • Plans use defined network of providers: HMOs, PPOs, POS, etc.

  • Will cover ER visits anywhere in the US and usually worldwide.

  • Foreign travel ER coverage not limited to $50,000 per lifetime.


  • Does not include Part D Rx coverage.

  • You will need to purchase a separate Medicare Part D Rx plan.

  • Most plans include Part D Rx coverage as part of the plan's standard monthly premium.


  • These standardized plans do not offer the extras that Medicare Advantage plans often deliver.

  • Most plans do not offer SilverSneakers although some do.

  • Some plans offer benefits that Original Medicare does not cover, such as vision, dental, and hearing coverage.

  • Many plans offer health and wellness benefits such as SilverSneakers gym memberships.

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